Frontstage Entertainment Interview with Mozhart


This time we asked the Austrian hardstyle newcomer Mozhart to talk to us and found out interesting information about his future plans, his love for hardstyle and also a little bit private.

Frontstage Entertainment (Frontstage):
Hello Flo!
How did you get the idea for this concept (DJ Act: Mozhart)?

Mozhart: When I decided to start a solo project, I first needed a name. Finding that was surprisingly easy. I grew up in Salzburg and absolutely wanted to establish a connection to my home country and Austria. Mozart knows almost everyone. The combination with “hardstyle” was obvious. Hey presto! Mozhart was born. At the beginning I thought that a Mozart wig would be suitable for my live shows. However, I got off the idea and bought my coat, the matching jabot and the cuffs instead. To create a complete picture, the name of my podcast is “Hardstyle Symphonies”. Accordingly, I will also incorporate future projects into the “Mozart” concept.

Frontstage : Will there be releases in the near future?

Mozhart: Unfortunately I can’t promise in the near future. But I’m working on delivering my own as soon as possible. I have already acquired basic knowledge in the production of my own tracks in the last 5 years, but so far it has not been sufficient for high-quality own productions. I think you have to stay realistic. I am assuming that the first mashups, edits and hopefully auditions of my own production will be released this year. With the guys from Sikkdome, I’m at the perfect source to push myself to a good level in terms of production.

Frontstage : Which festival appearance would you prefer, Tomorrowland or Defqon 1?

Mozhart: To DJ? First come first serve. No, joking aside: these are two of the greatest festivals in the world. Every DJ dreams of playing there. Me too. As a DJ I would rather play on Defqon 1. As a guest, however, prefer to visit Tomorrowland.

Frontstage : What are your goals for 2019?

Mozhart: I always try to set myself new challenges in order to push myself beyond my limits. That’s why I increased the goal of playing 10 shows to 20 shows this year. With these appearances I want to further enlarge my community (especially on Instagram) and bring more hardstyle to Austria. I will publish my website in spring. There will also be a small blog section for DJs on the site. Perhaps I can support one or the other in realizing the dream of DJing. I am also currently working on a joint project with a few other DJs from Austria, but I don’t want to reveal too much about that yet.

Frontstage: Who would your “Dreamcollab” be with?

Mozhart: We have so many talents in Austria that I don’t think internationally at Collabs. First, it is more realistic, more feasible and it strengthens the national scene. I would be very happy to have a Collab with Phandelic and / or High Level. In my opinion, these two are currently at the top of the Austrian hardstyle producers, along with a few others. I also get along great with them and that is the most important prerequisite for working together.

Frontstage: What does hardstyle mean to you?

Mozhart: If you get goose bumps when listening to a synth and a racing heart when using the kicks. When the lyrics put a smile on your face and at the same time bring tears to your eyes. If you can’t stand it without clapping, as soon as the clap starts and you want to jump over the whole dance floor when dropping. Then it is clear: experiencing hardstyle is pure energy.

Frontstage: How did you discover hardstyle for yourself?

Mozhart: When I was about 16 years old I had a school colleague who, through his taste in music, made me aware of electronic music for the first time. That’s how I got to know a mixture of the genres of techno, handsup and trance. It didn’t take long to get excited about the electronic genres and soon I heard the first hardstyle tracks without knowing the name of these genres at the time. The phase passed after about 2 years and I only became aware of harder music genres 7 years later through the first Q-Dance Stage at the Electric Love Festival. Since then, more and more hardstyle has crept into my playlists: My taste in music became increasingly hard. I also started to play harder when I played, which led me to decide in the fall of 2017 to completely indulge in hardstyle.

Frontstage: What kind of music do you listen to outside of hardstyle?

Mozhart: In my private life I’m very versatile when it comes to music. In addition to the artists from the hardstyle scene in my library and in my private playlists, I have (alphabetically) titles from: Alligatoah, Armin van Buuren, Austria 3, Avicii, Bilderbuch, Bingo Players, Blasterjaxx, BOY, Bruno Mars, Chopin, The Chainsmokers , Cro, Croatia Squad, Dada Life, Daft Punk, Deichkind, Die Fanta 4, Dire Straits, Ed Sheeran, EDX, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Excision, Fedde Le Grand, Fettes Brot, folkshilfe, Georg Danzer, The Glitch Mob, Green Day, Grossstadtgeflüster, Hans Zimmer, Hardwell, Herbert Pixner Projekt, Linkin Park, M83, Marshmello, Materia, Monthaye, Möwe, Mozart, Nina Simone, Oliver Koletzki, Ostbahn Kurti, Parov Stellar, Peter Fox, Pizzera & Jaus, R3hab, Reinhard Fendrich, Riot Ten, Sebastian Ingrosso, Seeed, Seiler und Speer, Sido, Tegan & Sara, Tenacious D and many more.

For the most part, I listen to electronic podcasts from deep house to hardcore, but I also hear a lot of different things depending on the mood. And every now and then I just let Spotify surprise me.

Frontstage: In your opinion, is hardstyle part of the mainstream?

Mozhart: I would like to ask a counter question, which in my opinion everyone has to answer for themselves: What is “mainstream” for you? This word is often very negative. Especially when it comes to how a subgenre develops. Music connects people on such a basic level and especially in the hardstyle scene I have experienced an energy that is very extraordinary. So why shouldn’t we let other people participate and give them the opportunity to become part of the hardstyle family? I think that something great can be very difficult or too much.

Frontstage: Could you imagine playing other genres as well?

Mozhart: In the past 10 years I have already published a lot of genres and subgenres from (deep, tech) house to electro house & big room to hardstyle. My taste in music has developed and expanded during this time. I will continue to develop myself and my taste in music in the future. In which direction it will be, we all have to be surprised. Stopping musically fixed in a genre forever is not an option for me, but for the time being and in the next few years there will definitely be more hardstyle for Austria.

Last but not least, the quick questionnaire:

Role model from the scene:  I try not to compare myself to others and therefore not to emulate anyone. I want to find my own way.
Most popular artist: Da Tweekaz
Most popular track: RAN-D – Nirvana (Because of the lyrics)
Favourite eventlocation:  Salzburgring (Electric Love Festival), because it’s in the beautiful Salzburgerland and practically at home with me. But the Shutdown location is also incredibly cool.

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