Hyperbeat Festival

It is the year 2020.
Intelligent machines have taken over the rule of music, humanity is almost eliminated. The cyborgs move on to Vienna from brilliant guest appearances on Beatpatrol and the Electric Nation. The conquest of the capital is on its way!

The landing takes place on April 30th in the Marx Halle. The best Death Match Fighters of the Harder Style are going into battle – on board: “Da Tweekaz, Dr. Peacock, Mandy, Phuture Noize, Ran-D, Sefa and Warface vs. Deadly Guns live“.

A new era is heralded, the showdown begins: “HYPERBEAT – The Conquest“!

More information is available at: www.hyperbeat.at

Da Tweekaz | Dr. Peacock | Mandy | Phuture Noize | RAN-D | Sefa | Warface vs. Deadly Guns (Live) | MC DV8 | Beatbreakazz | Scale | Veneno


DJs: 10+
Stages: 1
Attendees: -

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