Schockraum Festival

For a long time it was quiet in the venerable pyramid Vösendorf! Almost a little too quiet. In order not to fall into clinical death here, the venue is now going to the shock room to really celebrate life again!

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Hardcore Floor
Korsakoff | Partyraiser | GPF | Andy the Core | Art of Fighters | The Sickest Squad | The Melodyst | Estasia | Poley Tight | MC Syco

Hardstyle Floor
Paul Elstak | Wasted Penguinz | Audiofreq | DJ Isaac | Dr. Phunk | Wicked Minds | Beatbreakazz | Mozhart b2b Phandelic | MC DV8

The 42 meter high glass pyramid, which protrudes into the surrounding landscape as a kind of landmark, is not only the namesake of the hotel, it has also shaped the history of the hotel from day one.

The pyramid was originally used as an exclusive swimming pool with sauna (El Dorado), the exotic, tropical flora with 14 m high palm trees and the glass pyramid ceiling were already unique in Europe at that time.

In 2000 the original use as a luxury bathroom was discontinued and the pyramid was converted into a unique event and congress location, which has since proven itself for all types of events. It is the strength of the pyramid that it is always changeable and can adapt perfectly to the unusual wishes of the event customers, so that an event in the pyramid will be remembered for all participants - and it is important - to create unforgettable memories.

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